Aicha Djidjelli is a drummer and percussionist who is working with some of the finest musicians and song writers of our generation.

In the past few years Aicha has worked closely with Hans Zimmer, both live and in the studio. She recently recorded on the entire film score for the 2019 live action remake of Disney’s ‘Lion King’ and is a go to name for recording sessions both in London and Hollywood.

Since becoming a member of Hans Zimmer’s studio band in 2017, Aicha has since performed two world tours alongside Pharrell Williams, Johnny Marr, and Guthrie Govan. She is currently working with UK artist Ghostpoet and has recently joined the All Star drummer line up for ‘The Bays’, an improvised electronic dance act. Band mates include world class drummers Kaz Rodriguez, Andy Gangadeen and Oli Wiseman.

Aicha is known for her distinctly unique sound. Whilst having African roots and being born and bred in the UK, these two cultures have crafted a unique style of drumming that’s made her a perfect yet versatile choice for a variety of major live and studio projects. As well as her vocal and piano skills, Aicha’s focus lies on the creative hotbed between acoustic and electronic drumming— promising electrifying percussive shows.