Ava Nahas is an Egyptian-Lebanese born passionate Percussionist, Singer, Composer and Teacher. She plays a wide range of World Drums, Drumset and a Hybrid Kit. She specializes in the drums and rhythms of the Middle East, North Africa, Iran and Turkey. She has experience with West African and Afro-Cuban rhythms among others, as well. Her playing schedule includes live performances, studio recordings and teaching.

Thanks to her distinguished teachers, she is making her mark on World Percussion. She has earned a Durfee Foundation Scholarship for Percussion. She has learned from and played with some of the world’s most accomplished drummers and continues to immerse herself in this beautiful and significant tradition. She performs in the U.S. and abroad with several distinguished ensembles one of which just won the Global Music Awards 2019 Gold Medal for Best Ensemble & Best Album.

She is a NAMM artist for the “aFrame”, an extraordinary electro-organic percussion instrument made by A.T.V. She has been employed to demo this instrument for Drum VIP industry events as well.

Active some years ago, she founded the Ava Nahas World Percussion Ensemble which won much acclaim for its groundbreaking artistry. It took one of the top two sonicbids awards @ the Make Music Pasadena Festival. This was her creative vision that blended dramatic themes with her original percussion pieces and songs.

She is an educator in her field. She genuinely loves to teach both private students and workshops.

She seeks to live her life like she lives her music, with passion, creativity, spirituality and love.