This olive skinned, dark haired, dark eyed girl has had numerous people play Rumpelstiltskin with her heritage.  Are you Hispanic, Israeli, Polynesian, Arabic? No. No. No. and No. I am a Jewish, American Indian, musician and entrepreneur. Yes, that basically makes me a unicorn.  My musical career has allowed me to share the stage with artists like Jason Mraz, Zac Brown, Kevin Griffin, Ed Kowalcyk, Emerson Hart and Ed Roland. My entrepreneurial life has allowed me to launch my own successful on-line retail store and invent my own musical instrument that is now carried in Guitar Centers around the country.

I have spent the majority of my life being “the only girl in the room.”  The lessons I have learned and the experiences I have had, have allowed me to live the type of life most only dream of. I tell you this because I believe you were meant to live the life YOU dream of.  Helping others achieve their dreams has become my life’s passion. 

Through my work with Banding People Together, an Atlanta-based consultancy of behaviorists, strategists and real life Rock Stars, I have helped influence the collaborative culture of Fortune 500 companies such as NASA, ESPN, Microsoft, Cisco, Hard Rock International, Hilton, SunTrust, Wyndham, Verizon and more.