Miriam ElFaiq is a young percussionist who was born in Madrid, Spain and is of Arabic descent. She first started playing drums at the age of 9 and, at 14, was introduced to Latin drumming by some of the top musicians in Cuba. She later turned her attention to Flamenco music and began playing Cajon.

Although Miriam never had the opportunity to study music formally, that hasn’t prevented her from playing with major International artists such as Pedro Andrea, Nek, Jon Secada, Beret, Hueco, Soraya, Rojas, Los Jovenes Clásicos del Son, Jerónimo Maya, Juan Pérez Rodríguez (SGAE Award Paco de Lucía), Pablo Suárez and many more.

She is working now with several musical groups in a variety of different styles, from Latin, pop and R&B to funk, flamenco and others.