Born in a musical family, Mitali Kahrgonkar is the fifth generation of her family playing tabla. Her grandfather Late Pandit Sharad Khargonkar was a President’s awardee for tabla. She received her first lesson of rhythm from her father, renowned artist Shri Vilas Khargonkar and currently belongs to the great convention of Ustad Jahaangeer Kha Saheb.

Along with solo tabla, Mitali regularly accompanies classical music forms like vocal, instrumental and kathak. Her playing style personifies the essence of all gharanas of Tabla. Fine and crystal ‘padhant’ of valuable, treasured old gats and bandishes….a radiant feature of Mitali. 

A Graded artist of Akashwani, Mitali has received many government scholarships and awards for tabla playing. She is ex-tabla faculty at Government Music college, Indore, and performs many genres of music such as India Classical Music, Fusion Music, Gazals and Bollywood Music, as well. She is also one of the rare female tabla players who plays for TV commercials and movies .

Mitali plays Cajon and other percussion instruments with equal caliber. Mitali has performed tabla solo and has accompanied many great artists in India and abroad. She is also a known face of many musical shows.

Some videos of jugalbandi (flute-tabla duet) feature Mitali ‘s tabla playing along with her husband, Tejas Vinchurkar (a renowned flautist and a well known name in classical and Bollywood), went viral. You can also listen to Mitali ‘s tabla solo recital on her YouTube channel ‘Mitali Khargonkar Vinchurkar’— where some of her videos have reached a million views.

“The best part of being a tabla player is that you can perform every genre of music like Indian Classical, Fusion, Gazals and Bollywood Music as well. I feel delighted that my playing style personifies the essence of all gharanas of Tabla. I love to recite Tabla compositions, which seem like poetry to me”, says Mitali!