Mona Tavakoli is a Los Angeles-based drummer, singer and performer who believes in making music that unites, elevates and connects.While Mona is equally comfortable performing as a drummer and a percussionist, she is especially known for adapting the cajón to unexpected genres such as rock and pop. She began playing the Peruvian percussion instrument as a college student taking a flamenco dance class. She recently designed a signature cajón with LP called The MT Box.

Mona started playing drums at age 11 and blossomed into a tenor drum star in her High School marching band. She began her professional musical career in 1999, when she helped form Raining Jane, an all-female rock band, as a student at UCLA. Mona and Raining Jane co-wrote and recorded YES! (Atlantic Records) with Jason Mraz. Mona and Mraz have been collaborating for nearly a decade, touring worldwide and performing together as a duo on programs such as The Today Show, The David Letterman Show, Ellen, Dancing with the Stars, and Late Night With Jimmy Fallon. As the Duo Decibel System, Mona (percussion) and Mraz (guitar/vocals) have performed in Antarctica in support of climate change awareness.

21018 marks Mona’s 9th year directing the Rock n’ Roll Camp For Girls Los Angeles and she promotes music education by hosting rhythm workshops at elementary schools, summer camps and colleges around the country. She has been featured in DRUM!, Tom Tom Magazine and is the recipient of the 2016 She Rocks awards “Inspire Award” for her work with the Rock n’ Roll Camp for Girls.

Mona is currently touring round the world with Persian pop legend Ebi and will tour this summer with Jason Mraz. She endorses DW Drums and Hardware, Gibraltar Hardware, Latin Percussion, Roland, Sabian Cymbals, Sennheiser Microphones and Vater Percussion.Toggle panel: Essential Grid Custom Settings