Nakeiltha “Nikki” Campbell is a percussionist, teaching artist and performer, whose work promotes empowerment through the celebration of African cultural heritage. Born in Colon, Panama, and raised in Los Angeles, Nikki uses drumming to express her unique Afro-Carib-Panamanian lineage, extend a legacy of women drumming in the African diasporic traditions, and celebrate the intense study of rhythm.  Introduced to drumming through the Mandinka, Afro Cuban and Afro Latin percussion, Nikki is rooted in a diverse repertoire, which she interweaves to create her unique sound.

In 2015, Nikki founded “Puentes de Poder”, a cultural exchange project that promotes empowerment and unity through music. She began traveling to Panama to teach, perform, and present music as a form of cultural history and continuity. She has added her percussion to the music of Lila Downs, Aloe Blacc, and the great Stevie Wonder and many more. As a female drummer in an art traditionally practiced by men, Nikki supports and encourages people of all ages, genders, and nationalities to explore percussion as a means of communication, connection and collaboration.