RENU (Renu Hossain) is a queer, London born, Bengali heritage, Berlin and London based interdisciplinary artist. She is a composer, producer, tabla-player, percussionist and curator. Learning from percussion Masters in India, Brazil, Spain and Cuba, composing for choreography, theatre & film.

RENU released ‘They Dance in the Dark’ late 2017 to critical acclaim. Her album has been lionised by The Quietus, Art Forum Magazine, BBC Radio 6 & BBC 3 Late Junction.

For 20 years RENU has been studying percussion with Masters from India, Cuba, Spain & Brasil. RENU is a tabla disciple of Sri Chiranjit Mukherjee (senior disciple of Kumar Bose) following the classic way of learning – ‘Guru shisha parampara’ which translates to ‘Master student journey’.

RENU is currently producing Filmy Electronica & Experimental impressions. 2024 brings a plethora of new work.

photo by: Anna Kazanova